A virtual voice to read all of your texts



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DSpeech is a neat application that allows you to write and paste texts to be read aloud in English by a virtual voice capable of pronouncing any phrase.

The software was originally designed to provide a quick way to use speech recognition systems. Through its ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) functionality, the application converts text into speech, including a voice recognition option as well. Of course, this option will be available as long as the feature is properly configured in Windows.

Dspeech will let you configure the voice’s tone, speed and volume so it can fit your needs, allowing you to insert pauses or emphasize specific words. The software's only limitation is that it only works in English, so you won’t be able to insert text in any other language.

The program is also prepared to record and play audio files in WAV and MP3, as well as to save the output files in other formats like ACC, OGG and WMA.
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